Hi, I’m James,
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2001. Over the years, my MS progressed, as did the loss of my mobility. Like many people who have MS or have had a stroke, I struggled to accomplish many basic life activities. I have significant issues with the hip flexor muscles on my left side that make lifting my knee to take a step almost impossible. I struggle with foot drop and have taken numerous falls due to tripping. I have foot drop braces, slings and a couple AFOs but most are awkward, bulky or just don’t work like I wanted.
I struggled with things like getting in and out of the car, climbing stairs, walking and anything requiring me to lift my leg. I have tried hip flexor stretches and hip flexor strengthening but nothing has given me relief from the pain or allowed me to walk but only short distances. Keeping up with daily activities require me to expend a great amount of energy leaving me fatigued.
Out of necessity, I decided to find a solution to help make some of these daily activities a bit easier and help conserve energy. Therapeutic options for Multiple Sclerosis can be overwhelming, I wanted something simple. After much thought, I design and built the first protype of the FSS. It was a basic hip flexor sling but it helped me accomplish more of the basis tasks. After many months of asking, “If I did this, would I be able to do that?”, the 8th prototype of the Flexion Support System was created. The FSS with the resistance option has provided me with assistance with both my hip flexor muscles and foot drop. With the FSS I am able to do more, walk further with less fatigue which allows me to conserve energy and have a better quality of life.

Today I depend on the Flexion Support System daily, and I continue to find more ways to utilize it in everyday life. Now I want to share that simple bit of freedom with the world. Ask your doctor or physical therapist to look into the Flexion Support System. Maybe it will make a difference in your life too.

Device Testing

In 2017, I completed the one-mile route of the MS Walk with the assistance of the Flexion Support System. I could not have done this otherwise. I rely on the FSS every day to help me get through the day and accomplish daily tasks. The FSS has made it possible for me to participate in activities I would not normally have been able. I can truly say the FSS with the resistance option has improved the quality of my life. It has worked better than any foot drop brace, sling or AFO I have used.

I constantly strive to improve the FSS and have made numerous adjustments and improvements to the device. I have received feedback from therapists that have been beneficial in making the FSS a better tool for them.. The FSS is now on it’s ninth iteration.

To date, the Flexion Support System has been tested in several clinics and by numerous physical therapists and patients. Therapists were given the devices with the freedom to choose which patients from their practice that they felt would benefit from use of the device. No compensation was provided to the therapists or patients – only a request for honest and constructive feedback on the performance, comfort, and usefulness of the device. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of the patients suffering from hip flexor issues or trouble with foot drop have purchased the FSS for home use.

Numerous patients suffering from foot drop received a device under the supervision of their therapist. Patients reported the device was more comfortable and natural than their current foot drop brace or AFO. Some therapist were able to correct foot alignment by varying the tensions in the cords on each side. Not only was the FSS useful for foot drop it was also found useful for correcting the alignment of ones foot when walking. Meanwhile, the therapists found the device to be a useful aid in their practice.

The list of individuals, caretakers, and therapists across the country using the Flexion Support System is growin daily. Many patients use the FSS to assist with daily activities, provide safe movement of the leg, reduce hip flexor stress and fatigue. We are continuing to seek additional patient and clinical feedback. Contact your doctor or rehabilitation specialist and ask them to look into the Flexion Support System