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The Flexion Support System (Basic Version)

The Flexion Support System or (FSS) for short is a versatile tool designed to assist people with weak or injured hip flexor muscles due to Multiple Sclerosis or a stroke.
The FSS allows one to utilize their upper body strength to lift, move, or adjust the leg as needed. It can be used in a seated position or in a standing position. The versatility of the FSS is due to the ability to adjust the length of the attached lifting strap from a short length for use while sitting, to a longer length for use while standing. I personally use the FSS for many things including walking, traversing stairs, lifting my leg in and out of a vehicle and at the gym to get on and off exercise equipment. I use the FSS to assists me in stretching and exercising to help me retain hip muscle strength and range of motion.
Walking causes fatigue and puts a great deal of stress on my knees, hips and lower back. With the FSS, I can use my upper body to help lift my leg and foot when I take a step. This takes much of the work out of walking and puts less stress on my knees and hips.
Climbing stairs is a real challenge. With the FSS, I simply lengthen the lifting strap until I can grip the lifting strap while standing up straight. I then simply pull upward on the lifting strap to lift my leg up each stair. It is simple and reduces the amount of energy spent going up the stairs as well as reduces the stress on my hips, lower back and knees.
This simple solution is designed to help individuals conserve energy, perform safer movements of the leg, reduce pain and fatigue from daily activities.
Two versions of the FSS are available. The basis version is pictured here. The basis version of the FSS has no provisions for use of resistance cords.

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The FSS with the resistance option requires professional installation

FSS With Resistance Option

The FSS with the resistance option (pictured right) utilizes the stored energy in the resistance cords to provide assistance with weak hip flexor muscles and foot drop.
The FSS has two sections, the upper section provides assistance for weak hip flexor muscles and the lower section provides lift to the toe to overcome foot drop. You can use each section individually or pair them together for the combined effect.
The upper section of the FSS utilizes the stored energy in the resistance cords to provide assistance lifting the leg. This lifting effect can help the foot clear the ground when taking a step. The tension in the cords are adjustable simply by changing the length. They can provide light to moderate lifting to the impared leg. The FSS can help reduce the amount of energy expended when walking, help conserve energy and reduce fatigue.
The lower section of the FSS uses the stored energy in the cords to providing lift to the toe. This lifting effect can help reduce the dangerous effects of foot drop. It is possible to obtain minor correction of foot alignment by varying tensions in cords on each side of the lower section.
MS and stroke can cause Hip flexor weakness or foot drop. Treatments can vary significantly. Maybe the FSS will be a viable solution to an existing AFO, foot drop brace or foot drop splint.
Ask your doctor or physical therapist to inquire about the Flexion Support system.

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The Flexion Support System was created to provide assistance with specific mobility issues due to Multiple Sclerosis or Stroke. The FSS has helped me maintain mobility and allowed me to continue doing many of the things I love. Now its time to empower others to do more of what they love. I measure success not in the number of Flexion Support Systems in use, but in the number of hours people spend living their best lives and doing more of what they love.. What would you do if you could increase your mobility and keep more of your energy by reducing fatigue?